Transform insights and awareness into commitment and shared goals.

  • Breaking habitual thinking
  • Creating energy and flow
  • Tapping into people’s unused potential
  • Unlocking new knowledge
  • Facilitating insights, creativity, confidence and commitment

The world we know is changing every second and the challenges we will face tomorrow cannot be solved with yesterday’s tools for success. At a time when volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity demand our full attention, we need a different approach to communication, decision making and problem solving. Our challenges will no longer be conquered by one „brain“ alone. You need everyone – contributing different knowledge, experience and perspective – to move into the future.

You have heard about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and its potential to empower people in an organization to participate and contribute to the success of the organization? Seize your chance to experience this extraordinary method in our 1-Day-Discovery-Lab. See for yourself its power to engage and motivate people to deliver unexpected ideas and solutions to the challenges on hand.

Location: Gutenberg Digital Hub · Taunusstraße 59 – 61 · 55118 Mainz
Facilitator: Therese Kless

For this 1-day seminar you invest 390,- €
(plus VAT; including refreshments and snacks)Info-Flyer zum Download
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